Here are some Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you ship internationally?  Yes!  We offer free worldwide shipping!  However, the buyer is responsible for all customs fees, duties taxes, VAT or other import fees.  So please be aware of those prior to purchase.

Does it come with a case?  Yes!  It comes with an Anygig deluxe gig bag with shoulder strap.

Can you place a strap on the guitar?  Yes!  All Anygig guitars come with a strap button on the butt-end of the guitar, along with a strap arm that keeps the strap away from the neck for easier playability!

How much does it weigh?  Anygigs weigh approximately 1.5kg / 3.1lbs.

Is it the same scale length as a regular guitar?  Yes! Anygig's are 25.5" scale length guitars.

Does it need special strings? No! You can use any of your favorite brand of string, as long as it has the "ball" end.

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