Why Anygig!!
Main concept of Anygig design is "Simple", "Balanced design", "Portable" and "Stable function".
Anygig Design is portable, balanced with perfect function!!

We designed "Anygig" to keep general scale length.
General guitar has 25.5 inch scale length(Bass 34 inch scale) and it gives good tension of strings to play and very stable Tune.
To make smaller design, some of Portable guitars use shorter scale than general guitars.
It gives weak strings tension and unstable tune.
Anygig has same scale length with general guitar and it gives stable tune and good string tension!!

To make portable design, We developed Anygig "TunerPort".
This part helps to reduce total length of body of Anygig.
As a result, we can build really portable guitar with same scale length as general guitar.
Anygig "TunerPort" is special design to make Anygig very special.

Anygig Strapholder is the part for comfortable playing.
Special shape of strapholder keep holding guitar with strap during playing.
You can put one strap hole on strapholder and other strap hole on Machinehead.
You can choose comfortable angle of strap put strap hole on one of machineheads on the end of body.

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