The Anygig Travel Guitar!

The next level of travel guitar

Why Anygig?

The main concept of Anygigs' design is "Simple", "Balanced", "Portable" and "Stable". The Anygig Design is portable and balanced with perfect playability!

We designed "Anygig" to keep the scale length of a general guitar. A general guitar has a 25.5 inch scale length and it gives a great tension on the strings and very stable tuning.

To make a smaller design, some portable guitars use a shorter scale than general guitars, which gives weak string tension and unstable tuning.

The Anygig strapholder is designed for comfortable playing. The special shape of the strapholder keeps a strap securely held away from the neck and helps balance the guitar while playing.

Create anytime, anywhere

Designed with a full scale guitar in mind!

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