About Us

Anygig Travel Guitar was created to bring the next level of travel guitar to the masses.  With several types of travel guitars on the market, Anygig wanted to create a simple, balanced design with a full scale length of a general guitar, without any gimmicks.  Thus, the Anygig Travel guitar was born.

The idea was simple - make a travel guitar that could actually travel with you wherever you go!  Let it feel and play like a regular guitar and not feel like a toy.  Anygig's can be taken on any form of transportation - planes, trains and automobiles!  It comes with a carrying case that you can throw on your shoulder and hit the road without worrying whether or not you'll have to check it at baggage claim.

Anygig Travel Guitars are by far the most travel and player friendly guitars on the market.  Don't let imitations fool you.  Anygig is the foundation that others are trying to mimick.  Be happy, gig anywhere, anytime with Anygig.

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